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Uneasy Alliance

Uneasy Alliance

Henry Reese is underwater—literally. He’s being given a ride to Mexico in a German submarine still playing the role of Nigel Armstrong, the Brit who was a traitor to his country in exchange for a trunk full of loot. During the ride, he forms an uneasy friendship with Commander Fritz Klein, the Sea Shark. In their conversations he learns a very disturbing fact about the German war effort and what Hitler’s up to now.
In the meantime, Helen Meeker and her crew await the arrival of a new team member assigned by the President—a British woman who was to accompany them on a yet to be disclosed mission. Helen was beyond her patience at having to accept new team members—Dizzy Vance was the last straw and this added more fuel to the fire of her temper. The new team member is Sergeant Gail Worel of the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force assigned to Russell Strickland and the woman Henry Reese had dallied with prior to hitching a ride on the sub.
A German Commander with a dirty secret and a British Sergeant with a secret of her own. How will Henry and Helen handle these two circumstances? Will the sub even make it to the destination safely? And how will Helen and her team make it to the rendezvous after being assigned a mission to find a missing General’s wife?
Tempers flare and things heat up in this Uneasy Alliance.

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