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The Wolf Pack

The Wolf Pack

March 1943

With the fate of the world still in doubt, The Wolf Pack continues the story begun in The Trojan Horse. This time Helen Meeker’s team is attempting to stop a Nazi terrorist squad while also answering the question of who is behind the murder of more than forty young women. With Becca Bobbs and Clay Barnes joining Helen, Napoleon Lancelot, and Teresa Bryant to track down an invisible foe known only as the Wolf, this fast-paced adventure goes from Texas, to New York, to Germany, and to Washington before concluding on an island lost in fog and dripping with death.

The action is nonstop with danger lurking around every corner and the world’s most powerful figure haunting Helen’s every move. The clock is ticking, death grows closer with each heartbeat, and while battling foes they can’t see or identify, Meeker’s team must unravel a mystery that is too horrid to believe. Finally, when the smoke clears, the fate of who lives and who dies depends upon a woman who claims to have no soul.

The Wolf Pack concludes with a stunning and unexpected revelation that begs the question…what’s next?

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