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The Cat's Eye

The Cat's Eye

The Cat’s Eye Has It All—
A Kidnapped Child, a Murdered Japanese Woman, A Secret Nazi Project
Helen Meeker is immersed in a perverse game where lives are cheap, faith is in short supply, death is a constant companion and the action never stops. A kidnapped Norwegian child, a murdered Japanese-American woman, and a secret Nazi project hidden inside a mountain build into a breathless adventure that literally spans the globe. The Cat’s Eye, Ace Collins’s first full-length novel since The Yellow Packard, finds Helen Meeker challenged to solve the perfect crime in Chicago as well as to go behind enemy lines to destroy a German super weapon. With the help of her mysterious partner Teresa Bryant and a host of colorful teammates, Meeker confronts a hitman, a gambler, a top Nazi leader, and SS officers and escapes bomb blasts, gunfire, and lethal double agents. Along the way, she employs all her athletic skills, instincts, and intelligence when confronting the brightest mind in all of Germany and the most desperate industrialist in the United States.

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