A century of great American disaster stories, from the Johnstown Flood of 1889 to America's first commercial jet crash.

In this gripping collection of tragic moments from our nation's past, Ace Collins tells the gripping real-life tales of men, women, and children trapped in situations beyond their control. Culled from documents, interviews with key participants, and news stories of the day, Tragedies of American History chronicles the harrowing human drama of individuals facing life at its most extreme.


Infused with danger and immediacy, these stories place readers in the middle of harrowing circumstances as they unfold. Putting a human face on these tragic events, Collins offers keen insights into people's thoughts, fears, and emotions as they battle against the forces of nature and human error.


From the Galveston Hurricane of 1900 to the Coconut Grove Fire of '42 . . . from the Great Nashville Train Wreck of 1918 to 1953's Waco Tornado, here are the famous as well as the forgotten events that illustrate our will to survive in the face of certain doom.


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