Helen Meeker has traveled the globe fighting the world’s most evil forces, but a small boy has given her a seemingly impossible case. The child believes the same people who killed his father on the Astoria during the first summer of World War II have also murdered Santa Claus. How will Meeker prove to Walter Glasglow that the jolly elf is still alive?

Napoleon Lancelot is presented with a mystery that has no easy solution. More than 25,000 kids in Chicago won’t be getting presents on Christmas morning. How can he identify those children, find the money to buy them gifts, and get the presents delivered in time to preserve holiday magic?

Teresa Bryant is confronted with a case involving a hit and run victim who died before he was struck, and two other men who try to use his death to disappear. Who is who is who in this triple dose of mistaken identity, and why are the two men so eager to vanish?

As the three detectives go in different directions in desperate attempts to solve their cases, a demented woman and her army of hit men are intent of eliminating each of them before Meeker’s team can reveal the secret of Hitler’s contact in Washington, DC.

With more twists and turns than a mountain road, The Red Suit Case is both a heartwarming story and heart-pounding exploits when the three different cases collide in a climax that might spell death for one in order for two to live.


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