A newspaper leaks word that Helen is alive and her world is turned upside. Separated from her team, she joins forces with a former enemy and pulls back the cover on shady alliances in the nation’s capitol as she fights to save the president’s reputation and salvage her value to the American war effort. The case hinges on the seemingly senseless murder of someone from the past and a string of explosions that not only threaten the war effort, but also the emergence of women in the workforce. Meanwhile, in Mexico, Helen’s team fights new foes to rescue someone long thought dead and save a German U-boat commander who has a secret too ghastly to believe. The 13th Floor propels Helen Meeker’s adventures to a new level. With a myriad of twists and turns, this episode finally answers many old questions while paving the way for Helen’s life to take an expected turn. Filled with action, adventure, mystery and intrigue, this episode from In The President’s Service will stun and surprise readers from the first page to the last. It also proves again, those who mess with Helen Meeker pay a very steep price.


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