Ace Collins once again shares his gift of storytelling to bring you more of the hidden stories behind some of our most-loved Christmas songs. You'll discover expressions of faith, prayers for peace, and declarations of joy as you witness the birth and background of each tune. Did you know that The Little Drummer Boy was written on the eve of World War II, set aside and forgotten until the war was over? Do you know how Willie Nelson's early struggles are reflected in the lyrics of the popular country song Pretty Paper? Did you know we tie the thundering, angelic message of The Hallelujah Chorus to a precise moment in history we still honor today? As you travel across the centuries to uncover the deeper meaning of each song, you'll enrich your own connection to this vast celebration of the nativity and the gift of Jesus' birth. Collins is an ace at song history, dispensing compendiums of song backstories that are nothing if not tasty

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