This reads like the definitive guide to Lassie. Containing dozens of photos and illustrations in b/w and color, it is a treasure trove of information about the character of Lassie, and the many film and television incarnations that followed upon the original best-selling book. It provides fascinating details about Pal, the original screen Lassie, and offers tantalizing glimpses into the series of MGM movies. The book is a little weak on the later television years, but the only reason this is a weakness is because the rest of the coverage is pretty strong. In fact, this book's major flaw is that--it is not long enough! It left this reader wanting more, more, more about the Lassie phenomenon.


If you are a dog lover, particularly if you are a fan of Lassie, you will love this book and read it over and over. I already owned a copy of this when I recently ordered a second copy to give to my niece for Christmas. I am hoping that this book will kindle in her an interest in the Lassie movies, books, and TV series. It's first-rate! Woof, woof!


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This is a fun book that is out of print. You can find it used on Amazon and it oftens shows up on Ebay.